Live in harmony with Nature

Viverano, a small family business, was founded in 2013 with a simple
mission to offer pure, beautiful, comfortable, nurturing and non-toxic products for all, in the most environmentally, socially and economically
responsible manner.

This journey led us to partnering and working with a coalition of certified
organic cotton smallholder farmer growers and garment manufacturers in India, on a compelling mission. We now offer a range of fine organic cotton products for home (throws/ blankets & bathrobes), fashion apparel & accessories (ponchos, kimonos and knitted scarves), and baby clothing & accessories.

"A blissful summer day, brewing with light, love and laughter. All my loved ones play. This magic of Mother Nature, blessing it is today and everyday."

This is the inspiration for ‘Viverano’, a light-hearted mash up of the Latin word ‘Vivere’ meaning ‘to live’, and the Spanish word ‘Verano’ meaning ‘summer’. In essence, Viverano the brand stands for living a full and healthful life in complete harmony with Nature. We strive to provide only pure, high quality and sustainable products that reflect and embody the ethereal beauty and nurturing qualities of nature.

Farm to You

We’re committed to using ONLY ‘certified organic cotton’ tenderly grown and handpicked by smallholder farmers in India, who are paid fairly and treated with respect. All our products are conscientiously designed in U.S.A and manufactured at a state of the art, Fair-Trade & GOTS certified facility in India.

Our supply chain is 100% ethical, transparent and traceable, from the farmers who grow and pick, to the folks who weave, dye and finish the garment. We know exactly where each product is manufactured and the farm that the cotton grew on, and most times even the name of the farmer. We’re essentially involved in each step of the process from start to finish.

We have personal relationships with our strategic partners in India and we’re extremely mindful that they treat everyone with the fairness and respect. Viverano and its partners have collectively improved the lives of tens of thousands of smallholder farmers and skilled workers in India, and every purchase you make helps towards growing this important number.

Another key factor contributing to a successful business model is that we
have no middlemen in our supply chain, and we run an extremely lean family business operation. As a result, we’re able to pass on the savings to our customers and offer affordable yet premium organic cotton products, all designed in the USA.

We can make a difference together

Our motivation for launching Viverano was our passion for pure, sustainable and healthy products that also have a positive socio-economic impact at every level. We're strategically aligned with a strong and fast-growing social cooperative and supplier in India that works with a growing number of smallholder rural farmers with the intent to enhance living standards and improve their livelihood options by making their farm systems more
sustainable and profitable, and creating access to ethical and robust Fair- Trade markets for organic cotton. Their sole mission is to promote Agro Ecological Agriculture’ based on the three principles of sustainability (social, environment and economic) for livelihoods enhancement.

Organic, safe and chemical-Free for your family

Organic cotton is not only characterized by a perfect mix of softness, strength, and flexibility, but its also a healthy and safe choice as well.

Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of any harmful chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds to grow. This results in having the lowest environmental impact, and producing the purest cotton that is soft, resilient, sustainable and gentle on the skin. 

Viverano organic cotton products are free from any allergens, pesticides, toxic dyes, bleaches and chemical finishes, which supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle, a safe and nurturing environment for you family and friends.

Sustainability wins

Organic cotton is grown using biodynamic, natural and pesticide-free farming methods. Organic agriculture in general uses less water, does not rely on toxic and expensive fertilizers and pesticides, and helps sequester carbon in the soil. This prevents soil erosion, protects air and water quality for plants and animals, and preserves biodiversity through crop rotation. Organic cotton consumes much less water, fuel and energy to grow, while emitting far fewer green house gases than traditional cotton, making it a leading sustainable option.

The WHO has determined that three of the most hazardous insecticides to human health rank in the top ten most commonly used in traditional GMO cotton production, and it also occupies only 3% of the world’s farmland but uses an astounding 25% of world’s chemicals and pesticides. All the more reason to choose Certified Organic Cotton.

Our entire supply chain starting from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labeling, uses ethical and sustainable practices adhered to the highest standards.

We also use recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable packaging for most our organic cotton products.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” ― Wendell Berry

"Earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Commitment

Viverano is in business for the long haul, and we believe that a healthy planet is absolutely critical for a healthy business. We want to act responsibly, live sustainably and within our means, and leave behind a healthy and habitable planet whose beauty and biodiversity is protected and nurtured for generations to come.

As parents, we can provide a healthy, enriching and harmonious environment for our children to grow in and at the same time nourish and preserve the earth for generations to come. Educating our little ones early on the benefits of pure, non-toxic, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly choices is imperative in keeping our planet green and habitable for eons.

We think that businesses and products can inspire solutions to the environmental and social crisis, and that we owe a tremendous amount (fair labor practices, quality of life and safe working conditions) to those who toil away at the bottom of supply chain in the farming & textile industries, the unsung heroes of agriculture who make all of this possible.

All our products are carefully produced for their design, quality and purity. We truly hope you enjoy what we have to offer with mindful consideration of our children and planet’s future, and that it helps to make your life simpler, healthy and carefree.