Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Romper Bodysuit - Ruffle Sleeve Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Playsuit Romper Bodysuit - Sleeveless Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Knotted Strap Dress + Bloomer Set Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Short Sleeve Romper Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Kimono Romper

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Kai Labrador Dog & Hummingbird Collection

This charming Kai Labrador Dog and Hummingbird playing in the garden print was hand-drawn by a talented illustrator in New York. Kai was a playful loving black Labrador adopted by Viverano's founder (2005-2018).

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"A blissful summer day, brewing with light, love and laughter. All my loved ones play. This magic of Mother Nature, blessing it is today and everyday."

This is the inspiration for ‘Viverano’, a light-hearted mash up of the Latin word ‘Vivere’ meaning ‘to live’, and the Spanish word ‘Verano’ meaning ‘summer’. In essence, Viverano the brand stands for living a full and healthful life in complete harmony with Nature. We strive to provide only pure, high quality and sustainable products that reflect and embody the ethereal beauty and nurturing qualities of nature.


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