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Milan Pastel Knit Collection
Balloon Ruffle & Button Jumpsuit Romper (Organic Cotton) Balloon Collar & Button Dress+Bloomer Set (Organic Muslin) Fly Away Balloon Ruffle & Flutter Romper (Organic Muslin) Fly Away Balloon Peter Pan Collar Bubble Romper (Organic Muslin) Fly Away Balloon Ruffle & Tie Back Romper (Organic Muslin)


Fly Away Balloon Adventure Baby Collection

Colorful & cheerful 'FLY AWAY BALLOON' print featuring two friends (dog & cat) enjoying an adventurous hot air balloon ride.

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Chick Chick Farm Zipper Jumpsuit Footie - Natural Chick Chick Farm Jumpsuit Romper Chick Chick Farm Ruffle & Button Jumpsuit Romper (Organic Muslin) Chick Chick Farm Ruffled Zipper Jumpsuit Footie Chick Chick Farm Ruffle Criss Cross Short Romper


Chick Chick Farm Baby Collection

Adorable farm print with cows, chicks, pigs, tractors, dogs and more.

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Veggie Salad Peter Pan Bubble Romper (Organic Muslin) Veggie Salad Ruffled Tie Back Short Romper (Organic Muslin) Veggie Ruffle & Button Jumpsuit Romper (Organic Muslin) Veggie Salad Ruffle & Flutter Short Romper (Organic Muslin) Veggie Puff Sleeve Dress + Bloomer (Organic Muslin)


Veggie Salad Collection

Love our vegetables and be healthy. Shop the latest styles for Spring / Summer 2022 - adorable Veggie Salad Styles in Natural and Blush.

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Space Dream Tee Shirt + Shorts Set (Organic Cotton) Space Dream Jumpsuit Romper Space Dream Zipper Jumpsuit Footie Space Dream Kimono Jumpsuit Romper Space Dream Kangaroo Short Romper


Space Dream Baby Collection

For the little space explorers.

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Rose Heather Knit Short Ruffle Romper, Bodysuit & Tights Set (Organic Cotton) Hedgehog & Pointelle Collar Sweater (Organic Cotton) Bear Knit Overall Playsuit Romper & Bodysuit Set (Organic Cotton) Cozy Bear Jacquard Knit Side Button Sweater (Organic Cotton) Magical Sparkle Horse and Star Knit Cardigan (Organic Cotton / Wool Blend)

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Organic Cotton Knit Styles

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Veggie Salad Reversible Baby Hooded Towel Tiger Reversible Blanket Space Dream Reversible Baby Blanket Space Dream Reversible Baby Hooded Towel Space Dream Sleep Sack & Wearable Blanket

Organic Cotton

Baby Blankets, Towels & Bathrobes

Ultra soft baby blankets, hooded towels and bathrobes made from organic cotton

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Milan Knit Baby Classic Jumpsuit Rompers (5 Colors) Milan Knit Kangaroo Pocket Jumpsuit Romper (3 Colors) Milan Pastel Knit Ruffle Jumpsuit Romper (Organic Cotton) - 2 Colors Milan Knit Bobble & Tie Short Romper Milan Knit Sleeveless Short Romper (4 Colors)

Organic & Cashmere Soft

Milan Pastel Knit Collection

Premium quality cashmere soft organic cotton knit collection for babies. Pastel hues in most popular Blush, Sky Blue, Natural and Grey colors.

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"A blissful summer day, brewing with light, love and laughter. All my loved ones play. This magic of Mother Nature, blessing it is today and everyday."

This is the inspiration for ‘Viverano’, a light-hearted mash up of the Latin word ‘Vivere’ meaning ‘to live’, and the Spanish word ‘Verano’ meaning ‘summer’. In essence, Viverano the brand stands for living a full and healthful life in complete harmony with Nature. We strive to provide only pure, high quality and sustainable products that reflect and embody the ethereal beauty and nurturing qualities of nature.