Our Founders

Ting – Co Founder

Growing up in Borneo, Ting has fond childhood memories playing in the woods, by the river, and dancing in the rain. With deep respect for Nature, she is committed to be environmentally responsible. As an avid photographer and artist, and with an MBA in Ecommerce, her dream is to design beautiful functional sustainable products while keeping our planet green. Through years of research and product development, Viverano was born. Her mantra is "Love our planet, as we are One".

Karan – Co Founder

Karan’s deep appreciation of nature, a passion for compelling design and sustainable products, combined with his professional experience in marketing and entrepreneurship led to the birth of Viverano. Growing up in India, Karan witnessed the disheartening negative social, economic and health impact of misguided agriculture practices and policies employing GMO seeds and toxic chemicals on a mass scale. Viverano seemed like a perfect opportunity for him to connect with his roots and have a positive impact in the lives of growers and consumers, along with protecting the environment.

 One of his favorite quotes:

 "Earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson